"As a Business Development Manager for a developing company the Tog Gun programme has been invaluable.  Three things stand out to me, INSPIRING, CHALLENGING AND INFORMATIVE. Every aspect you need has been covered in detail, is directed, and can have immediate impact. My skill level has risen tenfold (x10) and as more demanding aspects are introduce to my job I have the tools to deal with every situation.  The personal interaction, direction and feed...
Matt Gray says he has 10Xd his skillsThorough Clean Australia - WA Business Development Manager
Perth, Western Australia
"I have long had enormous respect for Wayne Berry's teachings, insights and high level coaching. As a direct result of his impact on my abilities we implemented a staff training and development program under this unique philosophy . This enabled our company's IPO to rank 3rd fastest growing newly listed company expanding rapidly and successfully to initially London UK , and then coast to coast USA. A number of "please explain" speeding tickets ensued fr...
This Top Gun Training and Coaching enabled our company’s IPO to rank 3rd fastest growing newly listed company expanding rapidly and successfully to initially London UK , and then coast to coast USA.NEAT Solutions in Marketing
I sold a car this week to a customer who initially made a low offer on the price.  So I explained what they were getting again, and they made another offer.  Once again I explained what the benefits were they were getting.  I ended up selling the car at window price. This is a great example of what I have learned on selling on value not price!  Thanks Ian. Jordan Gill
I sold on value for money and didn’t discount!John Partick Prestige Cars - Sales
Since starting Top Gun I have been much more positive and proactive in everything I do and people around me are definitely picking up on that.
I’m much more positive and proactive nowGreen Homes Australia South West Sydney - Franchisee
The WIN this week would defiantly have to be that I got an appointment with a client who was proving extremely hard to contact who is ready to place a $750k order. Thanks to the TG Sales Program SUCCESS!!  I got through.
Top Gun Graduate in WA thanks Top Gun for $750K orderName withheld at client's request - Business Development Manager
Perth, Western Australia
The guys at Harvey Norman Business and Education thought that our claim that the Top Gun Telephone Prospecting Script could get them a 50% conversion rate on phone calls was an exaggeration, that is until they started using it!
Harvey Norman Business & Education
Sydney. NSW. Australia.
Good afternoon fellas, it's been an interesting busy first week back. I wanted to share these stats with you. 20 prospecting calls made in 2 days, 16 visits booked using the telephone script! Cheers, Ian.
Ian GoodierWorkPac Professional - Business Centre Manager
Hi Wayne, Hope you're well. Do you by chance remember me? Many years ago you were kind enough to let a young boy join in on your sales program's - free of charge. Since this time and very much subsequent to the above, I have represented Australia in track cycling, studied at the University of Melbourne, been quite successful in the world of commercial property and am currently in the final stages of being commissioned as an Australian Army Officer. Wayne...
Cameron Wise
Article Melbourne Age / Sydney Morning Herald October 20, 2014 When Kylie Bartlett was 18 she thought her life was pointless and directionless. She was wandering the streets not only trying to find a purpose, but also trying to find somewhere to live. Three years later, she had started her first business, and 12 months after that ...
Kylie Bartlett - Social Media Expert
Wayne, I finished up Module 7 again tonight and I made a sale today because I recalled 6 of the 7 buying signals along the way and acted on these buying signals. Took it from a two unit sale to six different products.
Jonathan ChristieLanotec Australia - Business Development Manager
I was able to confirm an appointment with a potential "big pay off client". I attended the appointment and was able to build trust, and clearly understand the needs of the client. I was able to gain a commitment from the client for a further appointment in 2 weeks to complete a pricing schedule. I feel confident that this has brought me closer to confirming the sale of our services to them." ""Committed and achieved a target of 20 prospecting calls durin...
Adam FormatoWorkPac Australia
This is the second time through the programme (Phase 2) and now I recognize that YEP I WAS A PRODUCT FLOGGER. MAJOR IMPROVEMENT FOR ME AFTER THIS MODULE. I find out were they are calling from and ask which of the Lanotec products they are looking for and what they intend to use it on. 25% of the time they were looking to buy the wrong product in our range. I then assist with suppliers in their area. When I ask would you like me to call my suppliers in yo...
John CohenLanotec Australia
I was invited to a toolbox meeting by a customer - all staff members were present as I was doing a demo . In my initial meeting with these guys it was apparent that they had issues with cleaning and cleaning products for their Rail machines . I did the demo to show how I could make their cleaning far quicker safer and easier . Before the meeting I Confirmed with everyone the outcome they were looking to achieve from what we spoke about at last meeting . ...
Glenn WardlowLanotec Australia - State Manager

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