Who is Top Gun?


The Top Gun Business Academy Team are a group of highly committed, highly motivated, positive and successful people. We understand what it takes to be an exceptional Salesperson or Leader and provide a number of ways for your organisation to learn the Business Skills Training you need to get there. We’ve delivered exceptional outcomes to Top 500 companies since 1976, so you know that with Top Gun, you and your organisation can learn exactly what it takes to achieve your goals.


Top Gun was founded in 1976 by Wayne Berry to deliver high quality professional USA Speakers including Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, E. James Rohn, Dr. Denis E. Waitley, Tom Hopkins, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Gerber, Dr. Spencer Johnson, Roger Dawson, Sheila Murray-Bethel, Jim Cathcart, Dr. Tony Allessandra, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and many, many others.

These speakers presented seminars and workshops on the topics of Sales and Leadership to Australian businesses and their staff, to enable Australian companies to compete on a level playing field in the global and local markets. After several years of organising for these professional speakers to visit Australia, Wayne noticed that many sales people and companies attending these events needed far more dedicated learnings. In fact, some were struggling to make ends meet and most required more than just listening to a speaker once a year.

Hence Wayne developed a STRUCTURED SYSTEM which helps support people and businesses over an extended period of time. These programs are embraced by hundreds of thousands of sales people, sales managers and business leaders across Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, China and the USA, and they have been presented as “live” workshops in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Los Angeles, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Manila, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and many other locations.

While there are general principles across the discipline of sales, we have also customised and presented in-company programs for some of Australia’s largest companies.


Since the inception of these Top Gun Programs, Wayne and his associates have delivered Top Gun Systemised Training to over 500,000 people and this list is still growing.

With Top Gun’s Online Programs Top Gun’s customer base is growing at an even faster rate.

Our online programs are ready any time you are to start winning at sales. The entry level of tailored self learning is our Online Training Program.

Our Online Coaching Program will accelerate you with a mixture of self paced learning and developmental coaching.

Online Training Program -

Online Training Program -


As technology develops, so do we. We now run webinars to introduce you to sales, provide keynote speakers and tailored workshops live. We reinforce our online courses with our Top Gun Master Classes which are held three times a year for past, present and future participants of Top Gun programs.

We cater to every industry, every level of sales skill – after all, we all need to master the ability to have a conversation that allows someone to fulfill their needs, don’t we?

In fact, Top Gun training programs are suitable for the first-time sales persons, managers, team leaders, supervisors, directors, executives, business owners, start-ups and even entrepreneurs.


You don’t have to be a first timer to gain significant benefits from the Top Gun Programs because over time we can fall into bad behaviours or complacency, and with a simple refresher we can once again become the top of our game.

Top Gun is now a leading business academy with online Sales, Leadership and Business Coaching Programs designed and developed to increase your sales and profit by at least 30% by gradually developing your skills and modifying behaviour to achieve your goals. We truly believe that with a strong desire, a willingness to learn and apply yourself and the right tools, anyone can master sales.

However, if you are always on a Top Gun Training Program you will continue to grow and grow and become the best in your field. Practise, practise, practise and you will continue to improve which will ensure that you stay ahead of the pack.

Top Gun delivers Sales, Leadership and Business Coaching Programs designed and developed to increase your sales and profit by at least 30% live and online. We know that by gradually developing your skills and modifying your behaviour you can definitely achieve your goals. You bring a strong desire, a willingness to learn and apply yourself and Top Gun will provide the right tools so that you too can master sales.

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