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Miranda Hao

Top Gun Senior Sales Coach, Business Integration Specialist, China Business Strategist, Bilingual

Based in Melbourne, working across Australia, China and SouthEast Asia

Award Winning Miranda holds a depth of wisdom in Hi-Tech Industries as a front line B2B solution Sales professional with global companies with focus on key accounts management. Territory strategic growth planning and execution in a large virtual team including Distribution as a Leadership role.

As a Coach, Miranda brings in depth knowledge and experience as an Integrated Business Specialist with diversified range of skills, which enable her to create significant impact to Individual sales professional and Businesses either small or large organization on both performance, and sustainability

As Top Gun’s China Business Strategist,  Miranda helps Australian firms to execute their China Strategies.

Businesses working with Miranda can expect to create massive upwards improvements by working with someone who has herself achieved sales in the billions and transformed.

Passions or Hobbies

Miranda’s favorite words are System, Details, Courage, Opportunity, Change, Persistence, Influence,  Results and Happiness.

Miranda is passionate about helping sales people become the best they can be through shifting their belief system and Skill coaching. Works with SMEs, Entrepreneurs and corporate companies to improve their sales effectiveness through establishing a tailored sales onboarding, short term and long term focused development programs.

Miranda love a glass of full body wine, sensible conversation and good laugh.

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Wayne Berry  CSP-NSAA

Founder and CEO Top Gun, Speaker, Author, Sales Training Expert

Based in Melbourne, Gold Coast and The Whitsundays, Australia, speaks globally.

Founder and CEO of Top Gun Business Academy, Wayne’s background in sales and sales management began in his teenage years.

After increasing measures of success in sales, he was asked more frequently to speak and train others. Wayne founded his sales training company in 1978, went on to author 5 best selling books on selling, negotiating and sales management, and recorded more than 40 audio programmes and hundreds of video programmes.  

Wayne has been instrumental in bringing leading edge speakers to Australia; working and sharing the stage with the highest level of speakers and leaders. You may recognise luminaries such as E. James Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale, Dr Denis E Waitley, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Rev. Robert Schuller. There have been many many others.

In 2005 as online training became more possible, Wayne developed the On-Line Top Gun Sales Coaching System which launched in 2007.  More than half a million people around the world have now participated in his live and online programs.

While Wayne is evidence of the lifestyle and accomplishments of his training, his Top Gun systems have created millionaire sales people and successful businesses time and again.

Passions or Hobbies

Helping people to scale up their business through systems and a passion for technology. Sailing, flying and personal development. Wayne loves his Tesla.

(CSP is the highest Accreditation of the National Speakers Association awarded to less than 7% of professional speakers in the world.)

If you’d like to speak to Wayne, then please give us a call on 1300 929 632 during office hours.

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Graham Hartland

Sales and Business Coach

Based in Adelaide, South Australia

Graham is an endorsed Top Gun Sales Professional coach. He has a proven track record for working in any country and environment and adapts quickly to the situations and tasks in hand to meet all of the expectations required.

Experienced in roles within large corporations, helps SME and start businesses as well with sales training.

Graham has worked with many commercial sectors including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, maritime, renewables, AI, government (local and overseas), shipping and railway transport.

Passions or Hobbies

Graham loves helping people achieve more than they thought possible and solving problems.

He enjoys fishing, sailing, gardening, camping and spending time with his family.

If you’d like to speak to Graham, then please give us a call on 1300 929 632 during office hours.

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Craig Piercy

Expertise Top Gun Coach, specialising in Leadership, Management, Change Management.

Based at the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Craig Piercy is a business professional with extensive experience in bringing about transformational and sustainable change within teams and individuals. He achieves this through solid business analysis and by coaching people to be the very best they can be.  

Craig has over 30 years’ experience in leadership, sales, customer service, coaching, contact centre management, facilitated training, retail & change management. He has worked for companies in New Zealand, Australia and Canada at various management levels. Craig’s focus is on people, providing results which produce amazing success!

Craig’s passion is to develop people to their highest standard and to demonstrate that working smarter rather than harder is the key to success.

Passions or Hobbies

Craig is passionate about growing people’s ability through working together having fun while learning new skills and development old ones incorporating the theory and reality, which produce amazing success.

He loves table tennis, tennis, writing poetry and spending time with his family.

Harry McIntosh

Top Gun Coach

Based in Melbourne, Australia.

With more than 30 years experience working with large multinationals and start-up businesses, Harry brings an enormous wealth of skills to any business.  

Harry’s skills include Direct Sales, Sales Management, Business Management, Training and Coaching Sales People, and Sales Managers, to achieve their full potential, personal and professional goals.

Passions or Hobbies

To Harry, family and having life balance is essential. Then helping businesses succeed by positive, thoughtful up-skilling through smart realtime Training and live – one on one coaching to align teams to achieve goals. Harry is passionate about demonstrating success from the effective use of NLP and full communication skills. He loves being an effective listener.

Harry exercises to keep mind and body strong. His reading – motivation, success, leadership, communication, personal development and NLP.

If you’d like to speak to Harry, then please give us a call on 1300 929 632 during office hours.

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Mark Creedon

Top Gun Business Advisory. Business strategy, property strategy, wealth advisory and financial planning

Based in Clayfield, Queensland, Australia

Mark Creedon is an experienced and sought after business advisor. Having consulted to a range of businesses and industries across Australia he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to His clients. Mark specialises in scale and growth with his unique process focussing on planning, implementing and innovation.

Mark is renowned for his ability to bring out the best in those around him, to cut through the white noise and understand exactly what clients need often before they have realised it for themselves.

His insight and strategic thinking has been a valuable addition to businesses across Australia.

Passions or Hobbies

When not working to improve his clients business, Mark enjoys drumming, playing the ukulele and spending time with his grandsons.

If you’d like to speak to Mark, then please give us a call on 1300 929 632 during office hours.

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Adrian Hill

Top Gun Financial Advisory. Accountant, Business Advisor, Published Author, Speaker.

Based in Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia

Adrian Hill was the CEO and founder of Superior Accounting Solutions in 2004, a firm set up to advise and support SME business operators on how to grow their businesses, maximise their investments, reduce their taxes and enjoy an improved lifestyle.

He is an accountant of 25 years plus experience and is a leading expert in protecting assets and reducing tax legally. Adrian speaks nationwide on Tax minimisation, asset protection and SMSFs (self managed super funds).

Adrian has written chapters in Think and Grow Rich, The New Way to Make Money in Property Fast and published his own acclaimed book, Investment Property + Time = Wealth, in 2016.

As one of Australia’s leading experts in Asset Protection, Tax Minimisation and Maximising Retirement Benefits via self-managed super funds and property Adrian advises Top Gun Business Academy and our clients.  on these and other matters and is a valued member of the Top Gun Advisory Committee Team.

Passions or Hobbies

Adrian’s passion is to educate small business owners on how to run their business in a profitable, tax effective way to ensure that their hard earned work and assets are protected, so at the end of the day they get more time back to spend with their families. Adrian truly believes in the aim of our business, to give you more money, more time, and less tax. Finding the best way to do this and legally minimise tax through business structures, wills, POA’s and income splitting is always a great feeling – it’s simply what we do. Adrian loves to take care of the numbers to allow you to focus on what you do best.

Adrian’s hobbies revolve around activity and getting outdoors. From power walking to hitting the gym or spending time with his family and watching his girls play basketball and netball across the state, [and being a loud and avid supporter at that]. One of Adrian’s favourite things to do is to combine this with travel, and to get out in the world and experience things at face value.

If you’d like to speak to Adrian, then please give us a call on 1300 929 632 during office hours.

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Paul Curcio

Board member, Top Gun Investment advisory

Based in Docklands, Melbourne. Vic. Australia.

Paul and Wayne Berry have known each other and worked together since the 1980s when Paul started in real estate and was trained by Wayne Berry.  He went on to develop one of the largest and most successful real estate investment marketing companies in Australia and his sales teams were trained and coached for years by Wayne Berry until Paul achieved his goal of “retirement” by 50.  

Since then Paul has become more of a mentor and advisor to business professionals and is also actively involved in supporting the development of young business entrepreneurs in Indonesia through his Yoghurt Republic franchise business.  Young people are provided training to develop their business skills and then given an opportunity to have equity and ownership of a business of their own, all without investing any money at all. The transformations are remarkable and the impact on these people and their families are life changing and profound.

Passions or Hobbies

Paul loves Strategic Business Development, Real Estate Service (Australia), Property Development and Syndication (Australia), and running Frozen Yogurt Retail Stores (Indonesia).

Paul is a family man and is actively involved in his family’s activities across Australia, SE Asia and Europe.  He enjoys fine wines, dining, beautiful automobiles and living a socially responsible life that contributes to the world.

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