Listen as participants in this Top Gun Workshop held on the Gold Coast in March 2018 explain why they participated in this workshop and what each thought were the best ideas they were now taking away.
Comments From Participants of the Top Gun Sales Manager Master Class March 2018
I really liked the "Why Buy From Me" document and strategy.  I can see how this works when we can present why the person should trust me personally and not just the company.  It reminded me of the importance of preparation and practice to perfect a solid sales process.  Definitely recommend the Sales Master Class.
GRAHAM HARTLAND, Business Coach comments on the Top Gun Sales Master Class
I liked discussing everyone else's thoughts and ideas to help me become a better leader.   I'd definitely recommend the Top Gun Leadership Master Class
Fairleigh Arnold, James Frizells Group, comments on Top Gun LEADERSHIP Master Class
I enjoyed the frank discussion we had here today with a great bunch of people from within and from outside of my industry. Great ideas I've not heard before from like minded people. Also the value of video testimonials.  Yes I'd recommend this program for people who are willing to have an open mind and learn new ideas.
Jason Taylor, Kema Auto comments on the LEADERSHIP Master Class
I now understand how important it is as a leader to have a vision that one can share with the team   Also understanding the key characteristics of all great sales professionals so we can develop these in our sales people.  And the 20 characteristics of all great leaders, so I now know what qualities and strategies I need to develop to become a great leader.  A great day that I highly recommend for people who want to go to the next level of success in ...
Germain Briand, comments on the LEADERSHIP Master Class
I really recommend the Top Gun Leadership Master Class.  A fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people and pick up tips on strategies on how to become a more effective leader.  It's key as a leader to not only talk the talk, but be able to walk the walk.  Great day.
Matt Hall, State Manager, Starleaton comments on the Leadership Master Class
Understanding the WOW FACTOR was very important to me.  How we can stand out from our competitors.  A great reminded of what we should be doing.  How to handle Gate Keepers and get to decision makers. Also understanding that there should be a structure to our sales process.  Understanding the needs of our customers is very important.  I'd definitely recommend the Top Gun Sales Master Class to all sales people.&r...
CLEITON SCHNEIDER, National Sales Manager, Starleaton comments on the Sales Master Class
The best ideas were the "Why Buy From Me" document, the prospecting script and the Diagnosis Questions.  It reminds me that we need to be selling solutions and not products.  Also using the "Diagnosis Questions"  was a great reminder of something we used to do years ago, and stopped doing.  Need to use again.  I've done many training courses over the years, and when I came in the room this morning I was absolutely impressed by the ...
GREG ELDRIDGE, Sharp Australia comments on the Sales Master Class
This day has helped me to fine tune my appointments and presentations.  The "Why Buy From Me" document is so valuable.  I'd definitely recommend that people attend this valuable day.
MATT HOLLAND, Summit Power, Albury comments the Sales Master Class
It reminded me how important consistency is for our sales process, and to focus on those things that differentiate us from our competitors, to ensure we maintain a profitable margin, and that decisions are not always based on price, but rather on the solution we offer and it's value. Some great ideas on prospecting and handling 'gate-keepers' to get to decision makers and reminded me how important it is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  I really recomme...
MATT HALL, State Manager Qld, Starleaton comments on Sales Master Class
I see now that I need to follow the Top Gun Sales Process.  Not understanding this has been holding me back as I have just "winging it".   Now I understand how important scripts are for my improved success.  This Sales Master Class is a ripper.  Definitely get yourself to one!
GERMAIN BRIAND comments on Sales Master Class
A very valuable day and worth traveling from Melbourne to the Gold Coast for.  It was great getting back to the basics in a fresh energetic format.  It's all about having a robust sales process.  I loved the role plays.  I'd definitely recommend this to both experienced and inexperienced sales people and business people.
Nabil Salameh, Business Coach, comments on Sales Master Class
The sales team are much more confident now despite some having been in sales a long time. The accountability to the Top Gun Coach on a weekly basis was a big factor in increasing sales, and having 24/7 access to a coach was awesome for the guys when they had a challenge. Sales have increased as has our market share in what is a very flat economy in WA. I’d certainly recommend the program to other companies.
Garth Wallis Managing Director of Powerpak
"Our sales are up by about 20%.  We now have much greater structure to our sales process.  Confidence is way up compared top before the course.  I didn't used to book my own appointments, but using what I learned I made 10 calls and got 10 appointments.  I recommend this to anyone in sales as you hve 27/7 access to a coach".
Garth and Graeme of Powerpak
We're now picking up an extra client per month worth $600k to $1m. On the stone side of the business, your strategies have helped us an extra $5k to $6k per week.
Daniel Morton, Merino Stone, Adelaide SA.

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