Are Your Prospects Dissatisfied?

I hope they are, because it’s mainly when your prospects are dissatisfied that they will buy!

I see that a great many sales people who don’t understand this basic principle of selling.

These sales people come up to me at seminars and tell me they have a great product or service, the price is right, their prospects they love it, but simply don’t buy!

What can they do? Why won’t these prospects buy?

The fact is that no matter how good a product or service is, a prospect generally will not buy if they are totally happy and comfortable with their current situation. They will only be motivated to buy if they become dissatisfied with their current situation or supplier.

Play a waiting game?

What do you think? Should we wait around until our prospects become dissatisfied? Or should we just keep knocking on doors and ringing telephones until we find dissatisfied prospects?

Well that’s one way, and yes, I do recommend that you keep up your prospecting, but there is a better way. It’s called being professional.

Let me give you an example.

A few years ago, I was speaking at a seminar for insurance sales people. There were some good sales people there too, and as good sales people will, a few prospected me for insurance. However, I told them that they were wasting their time. I once believed in insurance, but I didn’t any more. A pretty good objection I thought, and it worked too.

Stopped them dead in their tracks.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to break the hearts of sales people, but I really wasn’t interested.

On day two however, a very creative sales person struck up a conversation with my business partner but instead of trying to sell insurance, he simply asked her a few harmless questions about our business. (Did I forget to mention that my business partner didn’t believe in insurance either. She was even more adamant me!)

He was just being friendly and showing an interest in us, I guess.

He began by asking her how busy was I making presentations and running training workshops all over the world?

Her answer was of course, “very busy”! (Still smiling at this stage.)
Next, he asked what happens if Wayne gets the flu and can’t present? She told him I was a Superman and never got sick. (Such faith in me!) “But what if he did get sick?” he asked. “How would that affect our business?”
My partner had to admit it was a disturbing thought and she didn’t really have a good answer.

“If you had to cancel a presentation due to illness would that cost the business anything?”

The answer had to be “yes”. “How much?” he asked.

She told him and he recoiled in horror – “How much!! (We call that ‘Hollywooding” it!)

“And that’s only for one day, if he missed just one day?”

“What would it cost the company (and her) if he missed a week of presentations?”

Again, he gasped in disbelief – “That much!!”

My business partner had gone from having a nice morning to feeling down right sick at the thought of me being sick. (Ah, concern for my good health – I like that!)

He then asked her, “What would happen if Wayne had an accident and couldn’t present for several months, or worse what if he died, how would that affect the business?” “How would that in turn affect you, your security and your lifestyle?”

After considering for about 10 seconds whether our clients might accept listening to recording of me presenting at their conference, no matter how good, she realized that such an event would be catastrophic.

Now the time was right.

Clearly my business partner was disturbed, and it was then and only then, that he came to her rescue and said, ‘Well the reason I asked this is because I have been able to help many business people like you and Wayne to protect themselves against loss of income due to accident or sickness and I can help you too. Would you like to know how?”

At that point, do you think her had her full attention?

Let me tell you that at the next break, my business partner told me that she had decided to take out income protection, disability cover, life insurance – everything. Frankly I was soon to be worth more dead than alive.

Here’s the point I’m making.

Your prospects will not really be interested in what you can do for them, until they are first disturbed about their current situation.

How can you achieve this?

Skillful use of well thought out questions.

Consider what questions you can ask your prospects to disturb them BEFORE you make your next sales presentation.

Good questions are the real key to success in selling.

On a personal note

Within 12 months of taking out that insurance, I was in hospital for many months and the insurance company paid out many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Am I glad we had a professional sales person disturb us enough to take action that day, to do something that was in the end in our best interests? I thanked that sales professional many times afterwards and he used me a “testimonial” many times after that and when his prospects called, I was happy to tell them my story.

Have a great day. Make it a great day.


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