Smarter, Harder and Skid Marks!

So much of what I cover in our seminars and workshops can be summed up in just two words…

“Work smarter!”

While this is true, what ever happened to “work harder”?

I’ve noticed that all of the most successful sales and business people that I have ever known, not only constantly seek ways of working smarter, (by developing their skills and keeping up with technology e.g. computers, Internet etc.), but they are also prepared to work harder than most people.

But if you learn how to work smarter, then doesn’t it follow that you no longer need to work hard?

Well perhaps this is one of the advantages of learning how to work smarter, but what if you combined “work smarter”, with “work harder”? You’d be absolutely un-stoppable, wouldn’t you?

That’s been my experience and my observation.

However, there is an old saying that “all work and no play makes Jack (and Jill) a dull boy (or girl)!” That’s also very true.

So why work smarter and harder?

Well for a start you’ll get more done, more quickly and this will leave you more time to enjoy the other aspects of your life. e.g. time with your family, partying (if that’s your inclination!) etc.

Secondly, you have more time to get more results, and that will accelerate your RATE of success, if that’s a high priority in your life right now.

Also, better and bigger results more quickly, will lift your self-esteem and level of self-motivation. Frankly there is no better motivation than the excitement of experiencing success.

The other thing I’ve also noticed about successful people who have embraced this concept of working smarter and harder, is that they LOVE their work. They do it with a PASSION. And why wouldn’t you, if you are reaping the psychological and monetary rewards of your work?

So here are a few tips on working harder AND smarter.


Realise that there is always a better way of doing everything. Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone. Constantly be on the lookout for ways of developing new skills and using new technology. However, one word of caution. If it’s already working, make sure any changes you make do not degrade the success you are already achieving.


Where ever you are, be there! When you are working, work hard. When you are relaxing, relax totally. Don’t mix up the two. e.g. Don’t work while you are relaxing, or you’ll feel like you haven’t had a break at all. Use relaxation (even high energy relaxation, skydiving etc.) to re-charge your batteries. You’ll have more energy and better mental health to work when it’s time to work.


You can’t work hard if you aren’t fit. Eat a sensible diet and get regular exercise AND I’d suggest supplement your diet with a good vitamin and mineral supplement. Recent research has clearly shown that even if we eat the best quality foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables we are NOT getting all of the vitamins and minerals that we need for good health. “Foods ain’t foods” any more like they used to be 50 years ago for our parents. This is as a result of modern farming methods.


Get into the habit of using a fast pace. Maintain a sense of urgency while you are working. It makes it all the more exciting, you get more done, and your clients will notice. Clients and prospects also notice apathy, which more often than not, characterises most of the people they are doing business with now.

You’ll stand out from the crowd. They will know that if you say you’ll do something, you will do it, and fast!


Don’t make the mistake of believing that hard work, every day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month is the key to success. It isn’t. You’ll burn out. Balance your life. Working hard for the people you love is not worth it if they leave town on you while you are working. And you may not even notice them leaving because you are working so hard!

And one final thought.

A friend of mine by the name of Pete Smith gave me a great line this week. He said…

“When I drop dead in my tracks… I want to leave skid marks!”

I like that.

Have a great week. Make it a great week.

Wayne Berry

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