Where is Your Success Thermostat Set?

I received an email this evening from a friend with an inspiring story. I thought you might like to hear about it, as it’s a wonderful example of what’s possible when we set our mind to achieve something and decide that we will never to give up.

Rod’s Story

Due to his hard work and perseverance this person has gained a high profile in business circles in Australia during the last 12 months. He has become an internationally recognised authority in his field, has had a best-selling business book, and his second book is about to be released in November. He now works internationally, and his fees are some of the highest in the world.
He’d be embarrassed if I gave him credit by name here, so I’ll simply call him Rod.

When I first met Rod in 2008, he shared his dream with me. It was to achieve what I’ve mentioned already, and a great deal more. However, Rod’s background and past experience had in no way prepared him for this new journey. He had decided to take a whole new direction in life. Rod had been an academic most of his life and if he was to achieve his goals, he would need to develop a whole new set of skills, attitudes and beliefs about many things.

His self-image would need to change. 

If Rod were to achieve his goals, first he’d have to change how he saw himself inside and reset his “Success Thermostat” to a much higher level than it had been set.

It’s a well-documented fact that our outer world is always be a reflection of our inner world, and we all set our level of success unconsciously in much the same way as we set the temperature of a room with a thermostat.

Rod understood these concepts and indeed decided to learn much more than the average person about how our mind creates our outcomes in life.

Rod’s gone crazy!

I’m sure many of Rod’s friends told him he was crazy. Give up the security and certainty of the last 35 years to do something different?!

Crazy!! That was out of their realm of thinking.

Rod ignored them all and focused on his dream. He began to develop all of the skills he would need for this transformation and this included selling skills. This is when Rod became a graduate of our TOP GUN Business Academy. He knew that no matter how much talent one had, or how good the product or service, nothing would happen until he sold it.

An overnight success? 

I’d like to say that overnight Rod became a roaring success… but that would not be true.

Success rarely comes overnight, and some of the years between 2008 and now have been the toughest of his life.

Most people would have given up and gone back to the security of the past. But not Rod.

His belief in himself and his goals, and the support of his wife, have kept him going.

This year has been a big one for Rod.

His income has soared by a factor of at least 10 and next year promises even bigger.

It occurred to me that Rod will gather more and more momentum now if he keeps working hard at it, and the payoff will multiply exponentially for him.

The funny thing is that this is when the average person backs off.

That’s right, when things get easier and better for them, most people begin to take it easy. They back off the accelerator.

Even though consciously they might desire continued success, because their “Success Thermostat” is controlled by their unconscious mind, they begin to back off, take a rest or a holiday, or indulge in some other self-sabotaging behaviour.

Their unconscious mind says “Oops… success level too high, you don’t deserve this, this isn’t you, let’s bring it back down!” and they do.

I’ve seen it happen thousands of times and I think it’s knowledge of this phenomena which is one of the major factors that separates the average person from the successful person.

When success comes, the successful person steps up the pace and accelerates their success.

What do you do when you begin to achieve your goals? Maybe worth thinking about.

Have a great week. Make it a great week!

Wayne Berry

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