The backbone of success in business relies on one thing – consistent profitable sales. Yet, businesses may focus on activity, product, or elsewhere, and rely on the sales staff to deliver, without knowing what holds them back. That can lead to negative or break even revenue, blaming the economy or the product. However, in a poor economy, some businesses thrive and a high priced product can beat out the competition regardless. Why is that? Well, there’s a secret.

Sales is not about timing, it’s not about external factors.


Sales is a Profession, not a function.Sales Success requires the acquisition and application of applied knowledge.Just like any other discipline, there are tools to be learned and employed and once you master sales skills, you will see predictable results.The great news is that we’ve done the research to find out exactly what tools work, and have trained over 500,000 people in increasing their sales. That’s why we guarantee our 12 month coaching programs. That’s how you achieve all your goals; through consistent change.If you’d like to see what level of skill you have, take our complimentary Skills Assessment here.  If you’d like to jump in to some self-paced training – ours is the best around – then find out more about our training programs.



Kate began in reception, after switching from hairdressing to IT, then moved into inside sales.

Kate would not have considered herself confident and she says that being on the Top Gun course has made all the difference to her life and her results.

Kate began in reception, after switching from hairdressing to IT, then moved into inside sales.

Because Kate wanted to step into sales, Anthony, her manager suggested she take the Top Gun course. Within a couple of months on the course, Kate learned how to change relationships, within business, with herself and her family. She became ‘a happier person’.

Fast forward a couple of months and Kate won one of the companys largest sales … and it was her first one. Kate attributes achieving her $1.2 million dollar sale after just 3 months on the Top Gun coaching program as a matter of knowing what steps to take and having a great coach – Miranda. Kate learned how to understand the business needs and where the business owner wanted to go.

Now Kate has a lot more confidence, knows how to plan out exactly what the next step is to get to the next phase of the sale.

Kates’ advice?

“I believe anyone can do it”.


Roland now realises that while discounted pricing is a common tactic, ultimately, VALUE is what clients really want.

Do you know many sales people who can make 10 calls and close 3?

While conversion rates for cold calls are typically about 2%, Roland is now getting 40% next step response and from that a 50-75% close rate.

When Michelle came to us to train Roland, he was making sales, on the lower products and his close rates were low. A sturdy sales person, Roland was doing the activity, yet the results didn’t show up.

It turned out, Roland needed a different way of selling.

There was a real mindset barrier in place, that he didn’t see needed to be changed. According to his boss, Michelle, Top Gun helped him to see and overcome that barrier. As a result, Rolands’ language pattern has completely changed

Mindset and scripting have been critical and there has been a huge shift. When Roland realized that he wasn’t just a salesperson he was a friend in the business, something clicked.

Because of the Top Gun training, internal processes have changed, and some of their clients now have begun to change – especially in attitude.

“We’ve become the people to partner with… That’s so empowering that I can’t even really explain where I was to where I am today.” – Roland Farrugia

High volume and high value sales were a problem, and that’s now altered, as Roland now believes: “we are not ‘too expensive”. He understands that it’s all about deliberately providing value.

Roland now realises that while discounted pricing is a common tactic, ultimately, VALUE is what clients really want. As a result of the training, Virtual Services & Solutions has moved to a 3 step interactive process and implemented technology that shortcuts the lead time. This has produced an improved conversion ratio that has increased sales results dramatically.

Roland now closes 2-3 leads out of 4.


After just 4 months, Trent from Picton Brothers is now closing closer to 50%.

Trent was managing sales at a conversion rate of around 33%, which was break even. Now just imagine how it might be to add 50% to the bottom line? That’s what’s been happening with Top Gun.

After just 4 months, Trent from Picton Brothers is now closing closer to 50%.

“We are now closing at twice the average [sales budget] for a month in 1 week.” Trent Childs.

“Did you make a return on your investment with us then?” Wayne asks.

“I made the investment back just from the sales on Monday last week.” Says Trent.

With Trent receiving a tailored coaching program, his online learning plus coaching has led him to Sales Success.

And 4 years on, as the sales person who invested in himself, Trent’s strong performance following our Top Gun program still stands out within the company.

Right attitude, lots of positive action = massive changes.

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“Leadership is about giving power, and if you give powers to others, they will give you more”

– Simeon Cryer, Simeon Cryer International, learning from Top Gun Leadership Masterclass

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